Cannot access various websites after update

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Help please - On 12/12 fter installing 2021-11 Update for Win10 Ver 2004 (KB5007186) on my Lenovo Flex 14 laptop I was "immediately" unable to load certain websites. Getting Message "We cannot connect to the server at Check network connection, etc". Network connection is working as I can get to "some" websites. But not the ones I was using prior to the update. I knew the websites were actually working because I WAS able to get to those sites on my Desktop.


Then last night (12/17) my Desktop Win10 Ver20H2 installed update 2021-12 (KB5008212) on shutdown. Now this morning upon starting my desktop - I am getting the same error message on some websites. But not all the same websites as the the laptop - some are the same but others I can get to on one or the other machine but not both.


I have tried different browsers on both machines but cannot open these websites on any browser. Really hope someone can help quickly. I am about to uninstall these updates hoping to regain function I had prior to the updates.

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