Can the IR camera used for Windows Hello be used to detect a fever?

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"inspired" by the context of COVID-19, I'm wondering if the algorithms that make up Windows Hello login can tip a user of a fever that should warrant further investigation.  

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That's actually an electronic question rather than Windows 10, i think you will have more chance on somewhere like here:


Not the right kind of hardware. 

Thermometers are inexpensive. If you are worried you should get one and use it to take your temperature. Just be aware everyone's body temp can vary by a few degrees so it is best if you take readings over several days to get a baseline "normal" for you.

@Cary Siemers I have thermometers at home so this would just be a 'first alert' to check with a proper thermometer.  I was thinking it could also be (after proper anonymization) be used to infer community spread.  Granted there's several causes of fever but it's surely a more accurate indicator than what Google Flu tried to do .  If windows Hello has a baseline, non-fever stored, then it probably can detect the difference in temperature.  

Even if it could be 100% accurate, body temp doesn't mean anything when it comes to virus.
if they (scientists) could tell who has covid-19 and who doesn't then they wouldn't spend so much time building test kits.
fever and body temperature has so many reasons.