Can't reset, refresh, or any other for of reset.

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Currently, when resetting my PC, it will get to around 30%-50%, then open the troubleshoot menu. When trying. WinRE, it does the same thing. I tried every tutorial, guides, threads, etc. and they don't seem to work. It's kind of an endless loop of this. I do not have a virus. I had only big programs, such as Minecraft and twitch and brave, and things like that, and even after uninstalling everything I am still stick. I can not reinstall Windows with a USB because I do not have a USB. I really need my PC to work. I can not afford to break it, and it is really annoying.

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Which Windows 10 build are you using? you can find it from Settings => System => About.

you could download the ISO file and do an in-place upgrade:

also I haven't tried this personally but there is a guide here that might come handy if you don't have USB and DVD drive: