Can't Move File Icons !!!

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Some time over the last few weeks have a "new" problem.


I can move Desktop icons just fine.  But I am completely unable to move ANY icons in ANY folder.


I know what you are going to say:  Auto arrange and align to grid are not checked.  Also, in "Dektop Icon Settings", "Allow thems to change desktop icons" is not checked.  I also do not have any ancillary icon management programs installed (e.g. "fences").


Any ideas to fix this?  Really slowing me down when I use the computer.

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by moving do you mean cutting and pasting them into other folders?
if you mean to move them in the same folder, try turning auto align on and then you will get an indicator that helps you drag and drop them in the same folder.
Basically cannot turn off auto arrange within folders. Thus cannot customize the position of icons in a folder.
Right, so even now that I'm trying on latest versions 1909, the only option is to use the Sort and Group options, they have so much more options that you can view by clicking "more" in "Sort by" or "Group By" in right-click menu inside a folder.

you can technically add numbers to the beginning of file names like "0" "001 "0001" and so on to arrange them but it's not very practical.