Can't add device to microsoft account

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 I have my PC as a device on my Account. Attempting to install game am informed I have no device on my account. I follow the instructs to add a device and wind up following my tail. Still told I have no device which to install game. Am really perplexed that the proposed solutions sends me in a spiral. Frustrating as heck. At one point I'm told told install Msoft on my local account; no dice I am told to dload a msoft product, Edge; again, wasted move. Read something about deleting device, than re-install. Too risk adverse: someone attempted that and still is fumbled. Seems to me if msoft says I have pc with multiple-00's of games on the account, I have a device capable of installing games. Whomever untangles this weave is awarded lunch at bistro on his/her choice on Billy Gates tab.

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Hello @TruLou,


If you're signed into local account, switch to Microsoft account.


If you're already on Microsoft account, switch to local account and revert back.


Reset the Microsoft Store app, if issue still persists.


Hope this helps!

@TruLou I too was having this issue. What I did was simply turn off "Find my device" and then reenable it. That seems to make the PC communicate back and ensure that it is linked for Find my device to work. Can't guarantee this 100%, but it seemed to work for me.