Can not set Computername during Setup (OOBE Phase)

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I ask myself why Microsoft has dropt in Win10 the posiblity to set a computer name during Setup (OOBE-Phase). Is so dammend nervy to run to OOBE first (and dont Register in AD or even AzureAD b'c it can^t be change easy later then) the rename computer, Reboot and start with registration

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This was removed during Windows 8 to simplify the OOBE flow.  Since most organizations set the computer name via an unattend.xml (joining AD at the same time) we didn't want to burden end users who didn't understand why that was needed.

I have a rare HP/AMD R7 240 4GB Model. Any KB Patch anyone have because after all insider build the AMD Radeon Driver Stopping working because switch back to Microsoft driver. (Graphics Card Model: 782613-001 FOR HP AMD R7 240 Badger2 FH 4GB GDDR3) Thanks Advance.

Wrong Tread but any answer for my question ? Im experiencing with the following  issues more than one year.

sorry but if don't have WDS or any other deployment solution? And that's the scenario Microsoft is leading his users. just buy a computer and use Office 365. If have only AzureAD no local servers that there is no choise to setup computer Name and you end up in chaose in AzureAD b'c all have such stupid names like DESKT-U63H65. And about "don't burden end users". Sorry what is now all ask during OOBE is much more complicated and it will be no bigger burden to have a prefilled field with a default computer Name. But what Microsoft did is given SysAdmins a huge bigger burden to set comptuer account.

.. sorry this has nothing to du with my question

I'm sorry Microsoft does not have a fix for that. Probably Windows 10 is not the best OS

Here is some detail about the card: looks Like Windows 10 Ready but it's not.