Can anyone experience difference in file and folder size on a large mixed folder?

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Can anyone experience difference in file and folder size on a large mixed folder?

I can see on my system

(1)  When right click and click on properties it will show one size ( Whole Folder ) Note : 1.62 gb

(2) When right click and click on properties it will show one different size ( Whole items inside the folder selected ) Note : above 6 gb

(3) When copying that folder to another location to give space for my desktop ( Again it will show one different size on the status bar ). Note : above 10 gb


Some maintenances ( System Level Compactness related ) are pending on my system. But this is not related to that. So please have a closer look. Because it is annoying when we try to identify the size to be copied to a new location which has enough space.


on the three attached screenshots, you can find 3 different sizes, they are all related to same folder and actually should show same size.


No problem on files except some large file names. But it is related to something on determining the size on coreOS. Can anyone confirm testing with a large folder for work related to ads etc.

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I reviewed your screenshots but I'm afraid they are a bit unclear. I couldn't be sure whether they are from the same folder or not, and also you took screenshot of folder sizes when you were copying/moving files, that can change folder sizes in real time..

They were all from single folder and it was when my OS drive was full. It was a folder with so much work files and as I have already moved them to my data drives, the problem seems to be resolved. That means when I am checking the moved folder everything ( Means right clicking on the new folder and clicking properties and selecting all files inside and clicking properties show same size and number of files/folders ) So it may be a temperrory fetching problem related to system resources available at that time. ( Slowness or something. ) But I have seen the same problem lot of times where a bulk folder is copied. At that point of time it makes problem because we have to understand the required space to move to a new folder. That is why I pointed out the problem and I now understand it may be a slowness or resources available problem by which it sometimes show an incomplete result when checking a bulky folder's properties. Thanks for the answer and that is why I checked the new folder again. BUT WHAT I POINTED IS A FACT AT SOME POINTS ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE BARE LARGE FILES AND THE SYSTEM IS A BIT SLOW.@HotCakeX 

Does that folder contain mostly small files or large files? and what is its Allocation Unit Size set to?

Mixed is the answer for the file size of files and that issue I posted may be due to some slowness causing " Pausing Calculation " as I told. If I see the same issue later I will surely post an update. Meanwhile Allocation Unit Size isn't set or changed to a custom value as I am unaware so much about that settings. @HotCakeX 

It's okay,
easiest way to find the Allocation Unit Size is if you right-click on your drive and select format.
Ok thanks for the hint. Now I remember where I have seen those settings and I can get what caused you to think about those settings in the way of a troubleshooting expert. But as I told it is something breaking the operation of calculation and as there isn't any hint of the same causes confusion at that point of copying a folder. As the size difference whenever I saw wasn't small ( for example in the above instance 6 gb vs 10 gb ), it can't be due to allocation unit size. As I have told and as I always keep such folders for work somewhere and as my system is a little bit slow i will see that again later and I think it will be better to discuss at that time more about displaying a wrong paused calculation st front end. ( Surely about its effect on an ordinary user ). The best answer remains your first even though my attachments show the big difference in size because it caused me to check the size of the newly created folder on my system which actually resides in another drive on the same disk, which I found showing exact sizes on the same experiment when system was booted fresh without starting any of the other big tasks ). Thanks again and I will surely note somewhere about your quick response rate with full of insights.
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Sure, you're welcome, let me know if anything new happens :)