Build 17074 - browse on your phone and continue on your PC! Great feature but

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Thanks a heap for screwing everyone who bought Windows Phone. 


You build this function into IOS and Android but you won't do it for Windows Phone. Seems like Nadella is happy to burn the millions of people who invested into Windows Phone simply because it had Ballmer touch on it. 


I've been in some pretty terrible relationships but the way you treat WP10 customer has to be the worst. Have you people no self-respect. You have taken literally thousands of my hard earned dollars and you don't give a crap in the world that you're abandoning us, for ANDROID and IOS!? 


This is how you lose customers forever. 


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Are you really surprised? The half hearted attempts by Microsoft to enter the mobile phone arena were lackluster in the extreme.

It is unfortunately you bought into what became the losing mobile platform with little to no support, but products come and go all the time by corporations. That's the risk we take when we buy into them as their are no guarantees that product X is going to be around this year or next.

Look how many products Google, Apple, and Microsoft have abandoned over the years. It just shows you are not alone in your situation by any means.

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Seriously you're going to tell me that when MS launched Windows Phone 6, then 7, then 8.1 followed by 10 that I was buying into an unstable company with a history of fickle product development & failures? Oh that's right I bought the "Maze" mobile phone,  not the Lumia built by the largest mobile phone manufacturer ever (Nokia) partnered with MS, the largest software company on the planet. 



I really think you're being a tad ridiculous in claiming that there were "no guarantees that product X is going to be around this year or next."


However what upsets me is how MS didn't just give up. They are literally burning the crap out of anyone on their mobile product. They could have grandfathered us and given us a small team to shoot out bug updates and small upgrades. An agile project style, pushing out several stories every sprint. 


By the time the Surface phone product launched we could have been happy customers, willing to be the guinea pigs (again) for their Project Andromedea device. Imagine, there are still several million people using WP10 on Lumia family devices. Most of us are dying for a new MS device. Instead the relationship is now getting on abusive terms; Once I ran to you, now I'll run from you


Instead by cutting WP10 out of such an easy to build feature that 17074 provides IOS and Andorid users, I about 90% certain that i will not be buying another MS product again. I can tell you I've probably spent almost $7-8k on MS hardware (between Surface and Lumia's). 


Worse is how how they've ignored this thread and their own Insiders feedback threads. On their own forums. Hey screw this customer and his legit gripe. 


I work supporting customer facing groups. Whether a screw up has cost the customer $1 or $1m I've never hidden behind the face of the anonymous major multinational corporation that I work for. I work the problem, fix it and instead of burning a customer I've saved them and made them brand ambassadors, crowing our name to the high heavens. Hell for a decade we had the lowest marketing spend in our sector, because we were able to rely on word of mouth alone to push organic growth. 


Apple devices had a large and influential group of people who bought into their devices when they first launched the iPhone. It took awhile for the iPhone to become the best selling device in the world and that happened significantly due to word of mouth. 


It's a shame that MS seems to be happy to play politics with their customers then you know actually support them (even if WP10 was a mistake in their eyes).