Bug with photos app...

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I upgrade much computer to Win 10 and made full recovery with delete data but all computers have some bug.

When i click a picture for open with photo app, app giving full black screen. ( At all computers which run Win 10 )

After 10-15 sec later ll open normally, this is a problem, where is the bug?

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Which Windows 10 version are you using?
are the graphic card drivers installed?


Windows 10 Home Sl 1809 17763.678

But all computers have same bug i see


All drivers are ok


You can try 2 things here:
1. use Windows update to install the updates which includes updating to 1903
2. Open Windows Store and check for app updates and install them.
لا استطيع تثيبت التحديث
I used translation and it appears that you can't install the update.
would you specify which kind of updates you're unable to install?
Windows store App updates or Windows updates?

@HotCakeX i am setting 1903 update, after that i ll say the change

In this time photos app is already actual

Good let me know