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bluetooth 5.0 is not receiving bluetooth devices ?

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For numerous weeks I've been having a huge problem with a bluetooth keyboard and especially bluetooth head phones. I have bluetooth 5.0 although the head phones are bluetooth 4.0, considering bluetooth 5.0 is backwards compatible, why do the headphones depend on a bluetooth 4.0 adapter and still have crackling and poping sounds which cannot prevent. I've tried nearly everything from uninstalling all bluetooth drivers and the bluetooth 4.0 adapter, and only having the bluetooth 5.0 drivers as well as removing the bluetooth 4.0 adapter which is a USB adapter.


I have the bluetooth keyboard working, although only when the bluetooth 4.0 adapter is plugged in, otherwise neither devices will find the bluetooth 5.0 transmitter which is on the motherboard ?


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@Reprobus R 

From what you explained, it seem like more issue with hardware.

Try check this issue with your device manufacturer's support first.


I've tried what you suggested; their only solution is to stop using the bluetooth 4.0 receiver and install the latest bluetooth intel drivers; although they too are a bit troublesome ?