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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Blue screen 0x133 ntkrnlmp.exe error

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Here's the thing.

I opened the minecraft launcher but didn't start the game. Then the computer went blue, and there was a jam in the process. I followed the online method to use the windbg preview and found that ntkrnlmp.exe had a problem.


My guess

This blue screen reminds me of another problem with the computer.

Except that there is no blue screen, my computer often gets stuck and can only be restored to normal by restarting. This usually happens after I open Steam to play games and change the game file to high performance in Windows graphics settings. In fact, no matter the game or others, if it is set to high performance, there will be a problem. For some large games, if it is not set to energy-saving mode in the settings, this problem will also occur.

For this problem, I have reinstalled the driver of the video card, changed the driver to a lower version, reinstalled the system, and so on, but they have not been resolved. The characteristics of this blue screen are so similar to the previous problems, and the minecraft launcher is indeed a high-performance model, so I think this blue screen has the same origin as the problem I described above.

The computer is for personal use, and the BIOS has not been modified for overclocking by myself. 


Computer configuration

CPU:  Intel i5-7200U

GPU:  Intel HD Graphics 620

AMD Radeon 530

RAM:  DDR4 4+16G 2333HMz




DMP files:




PS:I don't understand English, I wrote it with translation software.XD

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Hi, since the computer has sufficient performance , it may have been infected . 

download from the official Microsoft website and perform a scan, then write if it helped:

Microsoft Safety Scanner Download | Microsoft Learn

Bug Check 0x133 DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn