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Best Practice for Computer Termination

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Hello All,


I am looking for some best practices on computer termination. We have a very strong process on user termination, their accounts are being disabled and deleted as per our process. But we would like to some best practices for computer management like disablement, deletion or revoke of access to disable account in cache profile

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Are you referring to case like employee leaving the company and you want to hand over your device to new employee?

In this case, let say you backup data and then disable all accounts, users won't be able to login anymore.

Regarding to the PC, you may perform reset and it will ask whether you want to remove thoroughly? Make sure select to remove thoroughly so they won't be able to recover data. Take a look at: 

The process depends on your business use cases and in case you have some routine automated process, you may consider automate it using PowerShell script.