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I'm in the process of backing up all important info onto a pen drive. I would like to save all the passwords in Settings/Autofill/Passwords. I expect this is a Google thing, but may I ask you what would be the best way of saving it to the pen drive?

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Hi @qimbar 


I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, I am not sure exactly what browser you are using? If you are using Google Chrome then the same way that you are able to export the bookmarks, you should be able to export data from Chrome, depending on your preferences, may include:

Chrome browser history
Search engines
Synced settings (including themes and apps)


For example navigate to Chrome Settings > Autofill > Passwords, Click the ⋮ button in the Saved Passwords section. Select Export passwords from the drop-down menu. Note: your need to enter your computer's login credentials for authorization.


Google Chrome > Settings



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