Azure AD Workstations and Local network Shares Not working

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Most of our environment has been switched over to an Azure AD Joined/Autopilot/Intune managed infrastructure.  Most machines I can manually map a drive to a file share on an internal server without much issue.  Running Windows 10 with Hello, I have to switch from PIN to username but otherwise the solution works. We do have AD Connect running however, the server has guest login enabled, as some users are not on-premise at this point.  Again this is an old file server that has older data. New stuff is in SharePoint Online. 

The problem I have, on occasion, I have a machine that refuses to connect. "Windows cannot access \\SERVERNAME" "Check the spelling of the name..."  Try to connect via Net Use from command line states it is not possible as the user is already connected using a different name; which is not the case, as there is only one local resource users on these occasions need.    

Some times a restart will correct it. Other times, it does not. As in right now. I have a user that it will simply not allow them to connect. They do not even get prompted to login. Already checked and removed any windows credentials that might have been saved as well. 



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