Azure AD User Profiles Black Screen Flashing Taskbar Explorer Crash

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We are in the midst of a Azure/Endpoint Manager (Intune) Migration. 300+ Endpoints and are running into deployment nightmare:


We are experiencing a very odd, completely random issue when an Azure AD User logs into their endpoint which was previously working without issue and then suddenly fails to load.


The user receives a black screen and flashing taskbar, Windows Task Manager is not responsive. Upon reviewing the logs you will see "explorer.exe" crash loop prompting urtcbase.dll.


All local accounts are able to login without issue. If the workstation is disjoined from Azure AD and rejoined to Local AD; the user profile loads fine. The issue is only specific to Azure AD User Profiles. 


This particular issue is happening across all different makes, models, and Window Image variations. The issue is specific to only Azure AD Profiles that attempt to login to the endpoint.


When booting into Safe Mode with Networking, Task Manager only becomes slightly more responsive as the explorer.exe crash loop makes it difficult to operate any running process.



Incorrect password prompt. Requires uses to select "other user"

After selecting other user, user profile experiences delayed "Welcome"

Black screen appears with flashing taskbar, rending the profile useless


If we attempt a Wipe/Restore the issue will randomly reoccur on another workstation.


I believe the issue is specific in the way Windows try to load/create the profile for Azure AD users. We've noticed discrepancies in the naming convention of some profiles. For example:


  • FirstLastName
  • FLast
  • FLast.domain

I believe the User Profile Service is somehow bugged and causing a mismatch between the registry's SID for the user profile.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? We are desperate for answers; this is worse than any virus as its random intermittent nature will return after a fresh system restore.


I've received a call from another organization stating they are seeing the same issue occur throughout their deployment. I believe this is now a wide-spread issue.


We have a ticket opened with the Microsoft on this. Windows Performance Team is reaching out to Azure Team. 

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Hey @Edmundo Pena,


Have you had any update in regards to this issue? I have been experiencing a similar thing with an account. 

I'm still waiting on debug analysis from the Windows Performance team. I am trying to push them for answers.

@Edmundo Pena any updates we defederated a few … the saga continues … I understand Microsoft may change their name to “Take It Or Leave It” or at least the support model ! 

@Colin Kness After weeks of “deep log analysis” they called me today with a off the cuff work around that had nothing to do with the logs detailed and or what my prior troubleshooting  efforts determined. This is low effort/low quality support. Very disappointed with the response. Microsoft continues to fail partners and customers with this support/ test everything in production development model.