Authorise standard user for certain app

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Hi guys,

I want allow the standard users to run games on their account (specifically garena and league of legends) however as I click play, garena then opens an app call gxxhelper (garena platform service) and this requires admin password. I've tried the create shortcut with saved credentials but this wouldn't work as garena opens another app. It's pretty stupid if I just give the other users admin rights, I could be locked out of my own computer. I have also tried task scheduler and the admin compatibility tool but they didn't work either. I have also tried to make the program to always run as admin (under properties) but this option makes the app unusable, the game probably not allow modification of client's files. Is there another option to make this works?

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If the game and its components require Admin rights then you can't do anything about it.
tell whoever that is going to play that game not to lock you out of your account. or have them play on another computer of their own (if available)