Audio not working after driver update

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In the three years of using Windows 10, I never actually had to use mic so before few weeks when I plugged in mic for the first time it wasn't working. At that time, speakers (Audio out) were working fine and I never had an issue with that. I did some research and installed Windows 8.1 Drivers. That didn't work out so I uninstalled all the Audio Input and Output Drivers and installed using Gigabyte's official website (Here). Now, my Speakers are not working too. 

Help is appreciated.

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Hello @7JKaushal,

You can simply try a System Restore to earlier time when everything was fine.


If you don't have restore points created, download the audio drivers for your system model from your device manufacturer's website. 

Hope this helps!





You may have more luck with the drivers available for download here.


Also, if you right click the driver executable and select "Troubleshoot compatibility" Windows 10 may find compatibility settings for the driver that should work, you can then select install using suggesting settings and give it a go.


As with ALL installs of this type and considering Windows 10 issues are MOSTLY driver related, I would backup data and do restore point before trying anything.


This has worked for me installing a Realtek Bison,NB Pro web cam driver on my wife's old laptop, which came loaded with Windows 8.1. I did this last night and used the laptop for a teams meeting today which worked flawlessly.


Buyer beware rules apply, but Good Luck.