APPX packages install on logon taking excessive amounts of time

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We have a non-persistent VDI environment running windows 10 20H2 and we load 9 language packs on start up. Normally we see these installations on start taking less than a second per pack. After the most recent windows update we are seeing them taking between 10 to 15 seconds to load up each. This is increasing login time well past 3 minutes. Has anyone else seen this with language packs or any other APPX installations on start up? Any cause or solutions? We are looking at the most recent windows update as that is the most recent change to our image, however we aren't see much chatter online so wanted to check here.



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Did you find a resolution to this? I believe we may be running into the same issue.

@Dustin175  @MPrunella  we have Issues in Loading the AppX packages too with our setup all in all it took about 70 Seconds just to load Appx
We had McAfee Antivirus on. Without McAffe we reduced the Logintime to 35 Seconds
AppX - Load Packages (with mcAfee): 70 sec
AppX - Load Packages (noMcAfee): 35 sec
(Exclusions allone did not manage to optimize this significantley.) 

35 Seconds is still a lot and much to long. We are now trying to use Writeable Volumes to figure out if its possible to make the InstanClones believe they allready Loaded the Appx. But so far with no Success. It seems to be somehow bonded to the Computername. (so even a full Profile Writeable Volume does not do the trick)
We will be opening a ticket at Microsofts Premium Support for Advice on this. There must be a way.

btw we measure the Logontime with the ControllUp Logontime Script


So you see Appx take away half of our Logontime.

Regards Aspi

Same question as Dustin? Any fix for this. Have exactly the same issue on 21H2. 55 second load time for Appx :(
UWP apps can be such a pig!

@IanHutchings We were having significant production issues and ended up removing all appx packages. Not a great answer or solution, but it worked.

@MPrunella Anyone find a way to speed up appx load packages? We are seeing 50 seconds and above, sometimes can be well over 200 seconds. 



@MPrunella  Same here.   AppX - Load Packages is averaging around 35 seconds and the AppX File Associations are about 16 seconds.   Win 11 21H2.    If Carbon Black (Anti Virus) is enabled, both of these are doubled.    MS can take these UWP Apps and shove 'em.    Dumbest IDEA ever in a corporate environment.     No Thanks!

Consider optimizing your VDI environment to reduce login times. This could involve optimizing disk performance, streamlining startup processes, or adjusting resource allocation for virtual machines.
Consider Optimizing? We have serveral tools to optimize and have run them all. Still takes 2 minutes to logon with the addition of UWP apps that are uninstallable. MS is really making it diffucult to obtain acceptable logon performance with UWP apps.