Apps that use audios do not work (voicechangers,sound boosters etc ) i do not know how to explain it

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So i've been having issues with my apps , e.g if i were to use a sound/audio booster it would not work like it normally does (i dont know how to fix it or if the app is using the wrong output or input thingy) voicechangers etc (basically apps that use audio and stuff) Idk how to fix it or put it into the right input or output if it has something to do with that please someone help me 

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you've posted your topic in Cortana community.

also there needs to be more details to properly be able to help you. what is your Windows 10 version? what kind of sound card are you using? which software are you using?

you can go to Windows settings and search for "app volume and device preferences" to set input and output devices for each of your running programs individually.

you can get there by also right-clicking on the speaker icon in the notification area and select "open sound settings"