Any new version of MDt and ADK??

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Hi Team,


Is there going to be any new version of ADK and MDT to support fall creator update?




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The Windows ADK for W10v1709 is available here:
The new ADK is already released. A new MDT release is not required for Windows 10 1709, but we are working on a new MDT release (just addressing a variety of customer feedback items) that should be available in the coming weeks.

Hi Rakesh.

There is a new version of the ADK for 1709 available here:


Hope that helps a bit!



Thanks a lot, Mic,


One more query, I am facing issue creating media for UEFI builds in MDT where I have to go to Control folder in my DP and change the splitwim setting to "false" in Setting.xml file for spliting large wim files.


Is it getting addressed in the coming versions of MDT


Thanks in advance,