Animations in Windows doesn't activate when I start my computer.


When ever I start my HP Desktop computer, the "Animations in Windows" doesn't start despite the Toggle switch in Animation option in Ease of Access Settings being turned on. To turn them on, I got to turn the toggle switch for "Animations in Windows" from On>Off>back to On. While it doesn't take much time, it is a pain to do this every time I turn on my computer.


I just updated my Windows 10 to 20H2 yesterday (11/10/2020), but this has been an issue for months now.

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Are you referring to Animation option in Ease of Access settings?

Check and see if there is any new update for your graphic card driver?

Have you tried restarting your PC?


Yes, I am referring to the Animation option in Ease of Access settings. 

No new updates for any drivers. 

Every time I start my PC, The Animations don't work despite the toggle switch being "On". I got to flick the switch from "On" to "Off" to back "On" again.


How did you check for update?

Was it only from Windows Update or have you checked your device's manufacturer's website too?

I recommend you open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.