Administrator Account and Password

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Morning Everyone


I have long forgotten my Administrator Account and Password.

So every time I try and change anything on my laptop - it won't let me.

A pop starts with - 'do you wish to make changes to this computer' - but then another pops up with "No".

I am stuck!!

Any help gladly accepted.

Many thanks

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And do you remember your Microsoft account password? where is your computer syncing?

Hello @Heather1960,

Are you receiving UAC prompt with only option No, just like the one shown in screenshot below? 


Hello there
sorry for the late reply.
I have been in hospital.
And yes.
That's the picture I kept getting.
In the meantime.
I have started using another PC.

Thanks for your help and time
Heather B.

@Heather1960, hope you're doing well!


This problem shows you lost admin rights, refer this fix:


Let us know if this helps!


Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.