Administering security policies without AD/ Windows Server - Is this possible?

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Hello Everyone,


I work in a small business with minimal technology infrastructure. Practically most of the applications in use are cloud based and users access resources by connecting to the Internet. WIndows 10 is however installed on all the PCs, but there is no central control/ active directory/ windows server. 


Is it possible to create and administer security policies on users in such an environment? Is there a cloud option for Windows 10 that supports this?



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yes there is, it's Called Azure,
you can read more about it in here:
and here

without the help of the cloud, you have 2 options.
1. to go to each computer one by one and modify their policies manually.
2. use a central and local solution to administer your local computers, such as Windows Server, System center configuration manager and so on.

but since all of your resources and computers are online, Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a better solution. it's very scalable, no matter the size of the business, it covers small to multinational businesses.

hope that helps :)

Hi ,

Thank you so much. This definitely helps

Thanks again. I will check out all the links provided.