Add shutdown sleep hibernate options to copy cut paste

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Add shutdown sleep hibernate options to copy cut paste

cut copy paste hasn’t evolved since windows’s about time it was given a face lift with options such as in COPYWHIZ.......with replace & shutdown options


please take this seriously......:folded_hands:

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what's "copy cut paste" ? do you mean the right-click menu?
The Right click menu, performs ALL manor of functions, CUT COPY PASTE being three of them........But Yes I ,wan when you right click on a file, you are offered a choice of CC or P.......thought that was so very clear, sorry.......
Oh it's okay :)
so you want to for example be able to right-click on desktop and then choose shut down?



OMG NO......


once an operation for file copying or cutting then pasting is complete, be given a PRIOR option to shutdown or Hibernate once the operation is completed, sorry can’t make that any clearer 

Oh okay thanks now i get it,
you can use this method to shut down after copying operation

there are lots of 3rd party apps as well that offer this option,
also try suggesting this on feedback hub app to receive upvotes for it