AAD join missing after 2H20 upgrade

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I ad supporting a number of computer on AAD at multiple customers. They are spread out over Denmark and send out with remote workers to Asia, Africa etc.
Over the last few weeks, I have on a daily base, had issues with the AAD-joined computers, when they come up from the 20H2 upgrade.
The users i show a login screen with their name and a password field. No option to change login method or change to other user. None of their codes are working.

The computers have been set to to AAD with their username from scratch so not local admin exists.

When I check Windows update history I see nothing, but winver shows 20H2 19042.508

Luckily on most computers i'm using an RMM tool from Solar Windows with a remote command line and I can create a local admin and log in with this account. From there I can join the computer to AAD with the users credentials and they are able to log back in.

So I am able to fix this in most occations, but I'm not looking forwar to getting a call from a user that does not have the RMM tool installed.

I have not seen the same problem with local AD joined computers.

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since this is an important issue, in case none of the community members could help out in time, there is a business support page you can use as well: