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So I was thinking, in a future update you should add some form of compatibility to where you can set gifs as your wallpaper on the Home Background or Lock Screen Background I think I would be cool and really enhance upon the personalization features that Windows 10 already comes prepackaged with and really liven up boring old Desktops and just spruce up Windows 10 in general, Also you would be an industry first to have it to where it can run gifs as a background.


My idea is maybe you could run it as a layer behind the desktop icons like some already made 3rd party software does and make it a lot smoother in transitions and more battery efficient to use, Now I am not quite sure how to do that I only study virus prevention and basic PC Security, I am not a professional by any means I'm just a creative thinker.




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that sounds nice! I remember back in Windows 7 era, we could set video files to be looped as a background for Windows. I would love the same feature added to Windows 10.

I'm not a gif expert but i've had a fair share of experience with them :)
in my opinion since desktop sizes are usually very big (1080x1920) or 4K, the Gif size would be Huge! probably half a gigabyte if it has a decent frame rate, duration and quality.

about quality, Gifs can't be as crisp and high quality as video files, they have limited color spectrum.
also it's easy to convert gifs to mp4 or even produce mp4 from your source file and skip the gif conversation part. mp4 file will definitely give you higher quality background, more frame rate and reduced size which leads to reduced resource usage.