a simple program for non-techheads but pensioners.

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Why can not microsoft design a simple program or O/s for pensioners or non-techheads?

Point!!!!!Either photos or pictures, NOT both.  A picture is a photo so why confuse people?  This is what we need..... ONE for photos, one for documents (text), If we want to email, insert, or print whatever, we only want the one choice. At present I have photos and picture, downloads and documents. This is a god-**bleep** home computer. Not business.  I do not want to choose and can not be bothered with your choices. Simple people. You would be SO surprised as how many older people would like a simple program for this. While we are on the subject.  I save a photo (source is irrelevant), I want to crop and edit.  I change settings in printer ,etc but still do not get the outcome am after.  Why??? win 10 should have this built in. MY GOD, we pay enough for these so-called smart machines. Get with the program.

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