20H2 system files corrupted on a clean Windows installation sfc /scannow

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I have noticed that sfc /scannow corrected system files. I wonder. So I tested again on a clean Windows 10 20H2 installation and run directly after sfc /scannow.


Preparation for testing (using VMware is just an example for easy reproducing. You could also use a host system):


  • I used VMware Workstation 16.0.0
  • I created a new virtual machine with default Windows 10 profile
  • I disabled the Network Adapter, the OS has no internet the whole process
  • I used the latest official Windows 10 ISO file Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso (md5: e80f6ce987b2bba288469e7379129e12) Build 19042.508
  • Mounted the ISO in VMware




  • So I started to install Windows 10
  • Install Now, No product key, Windows 10 Home, Language en-us, install on the unformatted 60GB drive etc.
  • After reboot, I used "no internet" for local Account, name: admin, no password, disabled all the telemetry

After successful start, I started directly cmd.exe with administrator privilegs and run sfc /scannow.

It will found corrupted systems files.


What is the Log reporting and why a clean installation is doing so?


I repeated the steps with de_windows_10_business_editions_version_20h2_x64_dvd_ce126f3b.iso (md5: 35df62707e53c2064641ccd5b91acb8d)

Type license: Enterprise

After repeating the steps above, the result is the same.



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Hello @Morku,


I really appreciate your investigation on this issue. I recommend you to report the problem via Feedback hub, so that it gets addressed by the correct team.



Hi@Kapil Arya 

thank you for the advise. So I created now: https://aka.ms/AAa48go

But was unsure about the correct categorie.

I thought reporting in this community will be enough, because I don't like the way over Feedback Hub, since I have to enable Diagnostic data. There is even a character limit?


Hope it will help.



@Morku, yes, I believe there is character limit of 1000 but you can attach log files or more characters in .txt file.