1703->1709 BSOD 0xc00000bb on devices with NVMe SSD's

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1703->1709 BSOD 0xc00000bb on devices with NVMe SSD's


This will be the very first question I will ask in the AMA.  I hope you have a better answer than "we are working on it" ready for the thousands of us with this issue and waiting for a fix since September.

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I have an ASUS X299-A Prime MOB and a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD.  I have been waiting since October for a fix to upgrade to 1709.  Nothing yet. 


Hi Michael,

i´m still hanging on windows 10 version 10586, it´s not possible to use update 1703 and 1709, since oktober i´m still in a updateloop. how can i make my updates??


Win 10 pro 64bit

MSI X99 Board

intel I7-6800k

32 Gb RAM

NVMe SSD 960 as bootmedium


the main problem is, i use my pc for work, and every day pc downloads the latest updates.

but it failed everytime. because of missing os driver for the ssd. (0xc00000bb),

so restart and windows get back to the old 10586 windows.

but everyday this updates starts from beginning, i cannot stop it. and it kill´s my datatransfer volume for nothing. how can i stop it??? and is it sure that the problem is fixed and of january??

or, how can i stop the windows from updating? only for the time MS need´s for fixing the problem.


i read in many forums, that many people with samsung ssd nvm has the same problem,

not only a few.

i write to samsung many emails, but the only thing they told me, that it is not a problem from samsung, it was a problem from ms, they have to fix it. for my opinion they have to make i big red sticker on there ssd medims: DONT USE IT AS BOOTMEDIUM WITH WIN10.

so what can i do?? someone any help, or tips for me??

i will not going to back win 7.

plesase MS help, let your user not standing in the rain like samsung!






he MS, not possible to answer?? You all sleeping or what??


Hi all,


i have the same problem, MS phone and chat support cant help. If you try to contact the german MS support... let it be. horrible...


my hardware: msi x99a gaming 7, intel 6850k, nvidia gtx 1080, m2 ssd samsung, 32gb DDR4-2400 ram.


Bluescreen with 0xc00000bb or if windows can start, note appears "update 1709 failed"... can do nothing to fix this issue, no workarround helps, new windows installation doenst help too.


So Microsoft, when we can expect the fix?


Hi all. I have had the same issue with the BSOD. I wanted to just let anyone who might have the same hardware I have know what I did to get this update working.



Sambsung SSD 960 EVO 1TB


What I did:

I read on here about updating the motherboard so I updated my ASUS BIOS version to 1102 (most recent) just last night. I then used the 1709 update assistant one more time and it worked flawlessly.



Another thing to note that I did that may or may not have made a difference was:

I deleted anything in the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder

Deleted the few folders off the C: drive the failed installations added

Renamed the windows update database files (.edb and .jfm files) located in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

Renamed the Windows Update Log folder located in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore as well.

Renamed the SLS folder in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Renamed the ReportingEvents.log in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution


BIOS version 1102 seems to have solved the upgrade to 1709 problems for people with ASUS X299 MOB's.  If you have an ASUS MOB upgrade the BIOS to 1102 and you should be able to upgrade. 


I have the same problem 1703->1709 and Samsung SSD 960 with MSI X99 Gaming 7, latest BIOS is HF from 2016. BSOD 0xc00000bb with "normal" Update procedure  , with manual Update via Update Assistant and also with an downloadet bootable Update DVD, makes no difference at all in any way you are trying

It would be very kind, if anybody find a solution, please let us know here, so that we share a solution, so that we not have to search in 10 different places in the net :)




FYI I updated to 1102 as Scott G mentioned and was FINALLY able to install 1709. If you have a ASUS X299 mobo, update the BIOS to 1102, it worked for me as well.


Hi Michael

Hope you're doing well. Currently we have almost end of January. Do you have any information about the patch for the 0XC00000bb FCU Update Error on X99 Mainboards with Intel NVMe SSD?


After 10 hours attempts I find the way to resolve this problem. This is what I did:
1) Update BIOS to 1102 from and reset BIOS to default settings(Disabled XMPP and reset my overclock)
2) Make USB flash with MediaCreationTool
3) Make this action from Tim Gall poste:

For PCH Storage Cofiguration I set:

SATA Controllers to disabled (the topmost option). I enabled it again once the upgrade was complete.


For Boot ->CSM I set it to enabled

Boot Devices Control set to UEFI only

Boot Network and Boot Storage Devices set to ignore

Boot from PCIE expansion devices to UEFI first"
4) I open BIOS menu after all system's restarts before update continue. Update was loading, then restart, I click DEL to open menu, quit without change, update continue install. 

I don't sure that 3) and 4) is important, but I did and now I have 1709 windows 10 build.

And my config is Motherboard Asus x299 Prime Deluxe+Samsung 960 PRO 512gb

Hi, Any news about this issue? This doesn't only appear on Asus machines. I Have an MSI X99 Mainboard and have the same isssue and according to what I've found on the internet, pretty much all X99 are impacted.


for my understanding. Is it an issue for Microsoft or for the Motherboard Dealer? Don't get me wrong but I do not see any activities on MSI side. I do not see any intensive discussions concerning MS update with MSI x99 on MSI boards.




Hi, Same thing (error 0XC00000bb) with: MSI X99S Sli Plus and Intel SSDPEKKW256G7

MSI x99 board here too


So... today Samsung released a new firmware for 960 Pro (4B6QCXP7).


Obviously, on my MSI X99A Workstation, no way to install the FCU. Same error, again and again. I can write a film or a tv serie about this... and MSI doesn't have a new bios/beta bios for my mobo. Thank you...






i use samsung magican, but for me, there is no new firmware for the samsung NVMe 960 SSD.


is still the same old one 3B7QCXE7. how do you get the new one??


and today is the last day of january, and MS told all the time, end of january you get a patch.


i think we never get help from MS, MSI or Samsung.


what a story....


I have also the same problem since the Creators Update (some years already) which was never solved.


As most of you, I have a MSI X99A Raider mobo with an i7 6800K. (960EVO)


I hope it will be soon fixed, because the FCU is trying to update twice per day with the corresponding bsod after updating.




same for me, everyday 2 or 3 times, downloading the hole updates. but installation failed.

the problem is, that i can not stop the download. or the update process. so i loose everyday many GB datatranfer for nothing,

and it kill´s my monthly volume. 


why they don´t answer??


MSI: no Answer

MS: no Answer, or response, or help

Samsung: ask MS or MSI



Exactly the same for me. Everyday, 2-3 failed updates when my pc is idle or I am not there to prevent the installation. It cannot be stopped anywhere.

I am really tired of this situation. At least, one month ago, the update was not appearing every day at any time.

Exactly same problem for me with MSI "X99A" 


Its like madness that he forces the user to upgrade to a version every other day and then crashes with blue screen 0xc00000bb and then downgrades to make it work again. 


This might even mess up the SSD lifetime...