10.0.17063.1000 | settings stopped working | fixed with new user acc but now network & vpn errors

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Ever since i've moved to 10.0.17063.1000 i've had a heap of problems. I was previously on just the current windows build but after hearing about timeline I decided I wanted to move to the latest advanced build. Really regret it now. 


On the first boot up after moving to 10.0.17063.1000 I found i could no longer access any of the Windows 10 new settings pages. Clicking it would result, after a few mins in an error saying it couldn't find the settings.xx (or whatever). MS support guides said the fix was to run dsim and sfc but if they failed to create a new user account and migrate to it. This did work. 


But on creating the new user profile I found my machine was no longer visible on the network. After ensuring the machine could be found on the network, file sharing on, enabling netbois on tcp/ip 4 adaptor and ensuring the workgroups were aligned the best i could get was seeing all of the other machines on the network but still they could not see my win10 10.0.17063.1000 PC. 


And now my VPN (trust zone) won't work. 


So what are my solutions 


1. some unknown fix? 

2. roll back to a more stable build? 

3. nuke everything and start all over?

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Actually i stuffed up and got the wrong value. I'm on 10.0.15063.608! 



I just wanted to thank the community for their great help. I'm almost there. By browsing the machine in question from my Explorer by typing its address \\sol i was able to see the machine. I figure there is something wrong with network discovery. So i'm going to focus on that problem until i crack this nut. 


So yeah, thanks for the flood of responses. Really appreciate it guys (and gals).