Windows 10 rebooting


Every month with 1607 one random Windows 10 workstation in my office will not reboot even though I have WSUS and group policy set to install updates on Saturday night and reboot.  Does 1703 fix this annoyance?


Note this lack of reboot behavior doesn't occur to all machines in a monthly cycle, and not to the same machine in a monthly cycle.  If something in the background triggers the detection to not think the system is inactive it won't reboot.  I want them to reboot yet Windows 10 1607 is never consistent.

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Sounds like a good feedback item or support case. I'm not aware of specific changes in Windows 10 1703 related to this.
I've had others reach out to me with this symptom as well. It's hard to open a support case when it's never the same machine and I can't predict which machine will exhibit this behavior. What exact thing is Windows 10 looking at to determine if someone is active on the machine? It will finally kick a reboot a few days after the deadline I've set but it definitely is not respecting the group policy/WSUS install updates on X day settings I've done. Note that 7 in the same office with the same drop deadline do reboot consistently.