Windows 10 Mobile lifecyle for 1703 and beyond

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Windows 10 Mobile 1703 is currently beeing deployed OTA. 

However, the support page related to the lifecyle of that feature update haven't been updated yet:


Will it be 6 months more than 1607 or same as 1607 (until 10/9/2018) ?


Since 1703 is only proposed to 13 devices, it looks like the slow end of Windows 10 Mobile until the end of the lifecyle. 
It is now a clear statement that no former Nokia x30 will get 1703? These have been upgraded from 8.1 to 10m, 1607 is the last OS for these?


Can Microsoft make a clear statement if further feature update are planned in the future (171x/180x?) for Windows 10 Mobile?


In the mobile world, Microsoft has been a pretty bad communicator in the last years. 
It would be much better (i.e. efficienter for every organization deployement plan but also for private customers) to decide yes/no/how long from the begining!



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