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I've seen several posts asking if there was any information on when UUP would be available in Configuration Manager but there have been no answers so I'm bringing it up again. From what I've read this will allow us to do Windows 10 Feature Updates and preserve the installed language packs & any FODs installed. This is very important for us as using a task sequence is not as smooth when most people are working remotely. 

  • Can anyone confirm if UUP will provide us the ability to deploy Feature Updates as a Service and still maintain additional language packs?
  • If so, when will this be released... update 2006 perhaps?  When will update 2006 be publicly available?


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@km2020 thank you for the question! This is Dune from the MEM team.


We are hard at work on the UUP project and a central goal of the project is to ensure that language packs and Features on Demand are persisted across feature updates deployed through ConfigMgr and WSUS (servicing as you described).


Unfortunately this is a large project and we don't currently currently have a timeline for release. The functionality is not going to be released as part of the 2006 release.


We hope to release 2006 in late July/early August as is typical of our summer releases, however as usual we run a quality based release and if we discover blocking issues we will hold it as long as we need to to ensure smooth upgrades for our customers.


Hope that helps!



Thanks for the reply @Dune Desormeaux.  With that being the case, do you have any suggestions on a better way to handle the Feature Updates than what we are currently doing within a task sequence (detecting the installed LP, installing the Feat Up, downloading & reinstalling the LP)? I've read a few posts online about using Custom Actions or SetupConfig.ini but I'm not sure if these options will give us a better user experience.


@km2020 I would definitely recommend checking out both of those paths as they can help you write your own custom pre and post-upgrade steps, as well as customize the paramaters that are used when setup runs to do the upgrade.


Adam Gross who has actually been asking some questions on the forum today has a few great blogs on this subject- check out this one for example:


@Dune Desormeaux @km2020 Adding to that - if you go down the servicing flow in ConfigMgr, by default Dynamic Update (DU) is enabled.


If your device can reach out to, then it will download and preserve any FODs \ LPs installed automatically.

Some feedback we have heard from customers regarding this is being addressed in 2004. 

1) The DU content download is not DO enabled today. We have a fix in the works that should be shipping for 2004 soon. You can leverage this in your tasks sequence flow as well. 

2) DU also used to bring down the latest LCU along, that is also addressed in 2004 with a new command line option to skip LCUs. Updated options available here


if your device cannot reach out to, then you can leverage /installlangpacks option to preserve Langpacks and Language FODs.




@Dune Desormeaux thanks... that's actually one of the posts I've read on the subject. Now that I know UUP will not be available any time soon, I can start down that path.