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Mike M
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Can Windows IoT be described as Windows Nano + UWP UI stack
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There are multiple IoT offerings: - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, which is a full Windows 10 (desktop) OS. - Windows 10 IoT Mobile, which is a full mobile (phone) OS. - Windows 10 IoT Core, which is the really small OS designed to run on lower-end devices. All of these OSes are all based on the same "OneCore" base, so they definitely share components. Nano Server is also built on top of that same "OneCore" base. There are definitely similarities between Nano and IoT Core.
Michael, is there a document that outlines this? I was just asked for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise this morning. The best information I can find is that it's the same bits as LTSB Enterprise with the Device Lockdown features that Mike M mentioned enabled?
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