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Hi, is there a way to see which groups a specific device in MEM is in?


We have this option in on-prem AD, but I can't find a way to do the same in MEM/Azure



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Great question, Stephane- it doesn't look like there is right now! I will bring this feedback to the team, thank you. To help us prioritize this kind of change it helps to know the business problem you were trying to solve when you were looking for this: Could you provide some details?

Hi @Dune Desormeaux , thks for reaching out.


So for now, my main issue is when doing tests with Autopilot, we have different groups for different profiles/apps, so when I try to get a big picture of what should be applied to a specific device, I need to go through all the apps we have (which is a lot) and different AP profiles, which can be tedious.


We're looking to use AP a lot for different scenarios and also leverage the sync sccm collection memberships to Azure AD groups, so we'll have more and more groups and we want to start using MEMAC for some scenarios and not the sccm console.


Hope this helps and don't hesitate if you need more information.


@Stephane Lalancette  That does help, thank you!


One place I would look at is the compliance view on the device object- that should show compliance on a per device basis which may show you what you need without seeing the specific groups.


@Stephane Lalancette 


An option you would have today to quickly see this information would be to use the graph explorer (Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph) with this query GET /devices/{id}/memberOf/ (replace Id with your devices 'Id' property (not "deviceId").  .  To find the Id property, you can search by name first using this query: GET /devices?$filter=startswith(displayName,'{DeviceName}')


Hope that helps in the short term.