Problems offboarding Win 10 cliente from Defender ATP




As I'm accustomed to testing using trial tenants from, it seemed natural for me to play with Defender ATP using a demo tenant.

However, I onboarded my machine around 6 months ago and when I opened a new demo with a new tenant, I found my PC wasn't registering in the new Defender ATP console. Lo and behold, the registry still has the old OrgID associated, and I don't have access to the old offboarding script in the old tenant.

Is there a way to force the offboarding of the computer without having acces to the tenant? This is a real problem for me when I want to demo ATP with customers.


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Stuck in same state myself. Let me know if you figure out how to do it.@John Marshall 

@John Marshall I see this is an old post but I ran into the same issue because we ran a free eval two years ago.  This year we upgraded to MS 365 E5 and I cannot onboard the machines I used in the eval as they are reporting to an old OrgID.  Surprised not to see an answer to this.

@John Marshall  I ended up contacting support and after a couple of days of running diagnostics and providing the results, they sent me an new offboarding script that appears to have successfully removed the expired OrgID.   FWIW, this entire process is way to cumbersome and there is a general lack of clear documentation, especially when trying to combine with onboarding InTune and then ATP from the InTune devices.  Oh well, it helps to remind me why I am looking forward to retirement!