ISV and Security tool readiness?

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We are seeing issues with our ISV and Security tool vendors having issues keeping up with the feature build cadence. It seems like they are lagging behind at least 30 days after a release and many not offering full support until CBB/Broad. This is problematic and really cuts our our pilot phase timeline as we can't hand something out without our core security tools as well as giving the internal security tool teams time to test and implement.


Has MS made any inroads with the major vendors to have greater parity with feature build readiness?

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We have passed this on to our Compatibility team in Windows and Devices Group and will respond as soon as we have more to share.

Our goal is to ensure that critical enterprise apps are compatible 30 days prior to every new Windows 10 semi-annual release and we are deeply engaged through our partner programs and other channels to support enterprise app compatibility.