WIN 10 IOT update removed current startup app

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The latest push of win 10 IOT (10.0.17763.194) that got pushed to my devices messed them up and caused my startup app to no longer be my startup app.


I currently have this running on several devices and that's a huge problem.  Currently my system is in beta, but I can go to full production with many devices if this will happen again in the future. 


How can I make sure that any windows updates don't mess with my startup app?

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This may be a bug. I'd like to ask two things from you in order for us to repro this:


1. Please file a bug using the Feedback Hub if you can, here.

2. Please provide us with as much detail as you can about your device and any other information you think is necessary to help repro. 


Thank you!



I will provide feedback through the link.  The app is running on Raspberry Pi 3 units, with a startup foreground app (universal windows app).  The new defaultiot app was the new startup app after the system automatically updated and rebooted.  It did this on 3 different devices.

Feedback sent, only the 2 log files were on the device, the other folders did not exist.

Thank you! The team will look into this :)

Update: We received your feedback via Feedback Hub and have put a bug on our team to fix this. Stay tuned.

It would also help us if you could take a screenshot of the "Apps" section on WDP. Also, could you confirm if you uninstalled the default app originally? Thank you!

I don't believe I uninstalled the default app originally, I kept it there if I need debug info.


Not sure how to get a screen shot off the device?!?  I guess I could take a picture with my phone?  Do you want me to post the screen shot here?

Is this what you are looking for?



This is perfect. I'll send this over to our developers. We hope to solve this soon for you... I know it's frustrating.