Windows 10 for Education AMA on August 31st!-Question

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Will Windows have a similar program like the Apple Device Enrollment Program(DEP) for auto provisioning of Windows 10 devices to the schools MDM, or Azure AD for easy deployment/out of box configurations?


Currently when a new device comes in many district image the machine with SCCM/Fog/Imaging software to set it to their golden image. However with an MDM or Azure AD joined device it could auto provision and have the available software needed for faster deployments and adoptions in the Education space. 

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Hi Charles - thanks for joining us. The Set up School PCs app can help you use a quick USB setup to automatically join new devices Azure AD, connect to your school's Wi-Fi network, name your devices, and more. You can find more information here: Windows Autopilot is another tool you can use to join new devices: