Upgrade with file folder redirection

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We are upgrading our corporate environment from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but we currently have folders (like My Documents) redirected to a network share. We would like to upgrade the machine but pull across some of their profile settings (favorites, macros, Outlook signatures, etc.). In addition we want to move from My Documents on the network to OneDrive syncing on their machine (possibly using the redirect option to point My Documents to OneDrive). Finally, we'll be replacing Office 2010 with Office 365 ProPlus.


Some issues/questions.

  1. About half of our users have virtual machines and there isn't enough room to copy all their documents to their local VM drive to get them to OneDrive. Is there any way to script moving files to OneDrive without using local disk?
  2. We don't have any tools handy for migrating their profile settings. Do we need to get one or are there scripts that can help with that?
  3. Is there any way we can set up their profile settings any time they get a new virtual machine so their favorites, etc. follow them?
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