Reason to deploy 1703 or even 1709 over 1607

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Hi All, We are preparing our first rollout of windows 10 based on the 1607 Anniversary Update. It's tested and ready to deploy via SCCM but want hear if there are compelling reasons to upgrade the build to 1703 or even wait for 1709. Particularly if it will improve future updates (we may go from SCCM to Intune in the future) and Office 365 and ODB experience for our users.
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I think the upgrade from 1511 to 1607 was a lot more problematic than I think 1607 to 1703 will be. 1703 feels to be just be a more refined version of 1607. I don't think it would be a bad idea to just go to 1703 as long as you have done your proper compatibility testing, application testing, and GPO tests for the new admx files. But I think it's important for your users to experience the upgrade so they are prepared in the future.