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First published on TECHNET on Oct 12, 2013

Sunday Surprise is here!!!!!

It's Dussehra today - Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. So what else can be good than this - celebrating the success of TechNet Wiki via TechNet Guru!!!!!!!!!

What is TechNet Guru: This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition program, where people such as yourself can get the recognition they deserve for the time given to the community. Read more on TechNet Guru Contributions

Unlike other competition  this competition has doors open for all, all are welcome- newcomers, all community contributors, MCC's, and MVP's, from all Microsoft Technologies.

Alright, so what is TechNet Guru - a Competition.... nah...... It's an initiative, it's a motivation to contribute, it's a gateway to the TechNet Wiki community where everyone is allowed to share knowledge, gain knowledge, help each other, guide each other, and most importantly to evolve collectively!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Community for all, Community by all!!!!!" There is no "I" -- it's "We". And together we move forward. But your effort gets counted, it does not go unnoticed, and it's here TechNet Guru plays the role.

TechNet Guru recognizes the efforts you have put in to share your knowledge at your best,your dedication to present the concept/solutions with maximum details,the time you spent voluntarily to share something which will help others !!!!!!!!

It was born (started) in the month of May, 2013, and now it's five months old but showing the strength of a One year old program. You don't believe me right? Or do you?... :) !!!!!!!!!

Lets us have look at the nourishment (articles and contributors) it got until now....and then tell me whether the statement above is correct.


Forefront Identity Manager

SharePoint 2010

Small Basic

SQL Server Analysis Services,  SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services/Power View, SQL Server Database Engine


Visual Basic

Visual C#

Windows Phone

Windows Store Apps


I am sure,you are amazed (just like me) !!!!! I hope this was Pleasant Surprise for all !!!!!

A Big Thanks to Peter Laker(aka XAML Guy) and TechNet Wiki for making this Initiative !!!!!!! I also wrote this blog because of him ;) ... after seeing his comment on

Happy Dusshera!!!!!!

-Wiki Ninja Mahesh
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