Interview with a Wiki Ninja, Author, and .NET Expert: SYED SHANU

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First published on TECHNET on Dec 14, 2015

Today's interview is with Syed Shanu!

Here are his current stats:

  • 27 Wiki Articles

  • 73 Wiki Edits

  • 67 Wiki Comments

  • 41 Gallery contributions!

  • 5,865 downloads on those Gallery items!

Here are some examples of his articles:

You can find a feed of Syed's articles here: SYEDSHANU

Now let's get to the interview!


1. Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Firstly I would like to thank Mr. ED Price and others who have selected me for this Interview.

Smiley day to all J . My Name is SYED SHANU, I am from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India .Presently I am working for ZEMAX Solution, Seoul, South Korea. I have completed my Master of Computer Application in 2005 and since from that time to till now I am working for Microsoft Technologies.

My work experience with Language and Technology start’s from ASP and SQL Server, Then VB.NET and C# for PDA Application, Touch Screen Application Development, Desktop Application, ASP.NET Web Application Development, MVC and WPF.I love to work with Microsoft technology as I started to work on .Net Frame Work version from 1.0 to 4.6.

I had also worked with HMI (Human Machine Interface) programs like PLC, Nutrunner Tools, and Sensor programs, RFID programs, Barcode programs etc. using C#.

I am a positive thinker. As per my view nothing is impossible, if anyone try and do hard-work he/she can achieve anything. I love challenges and believe in innovative ideas/work. With this thought, I have written few innovative articles.

And another important thing apart from writing Article and Contributing for community is my family. I usually spend lots of time with my family and we love to visit places and have fun. The below photo was taken at Gwangalli Beach @ Busan, Korea.

2. What are your big projects right now?

I am working as a Technical Lead at ZEMAX Solution since 2013. Our Company mainly deals with ERP System Development using C# WinForms and ASP.NET. We have developed our own ERP Package and has been implemented in many Automation company inside Korea. Below is our office team photo which we took during our workshop on Sep 2015

I spend lots of my free time to learn, practice and create sample project on new technology. I always love to work with innovative Ideas and always love to share my experience with others.

I am a Code Project and C# Corner MVP 2015.I usually uses my free time to write article and publish at TechNet Wiki, CodeProject and at C# Corner.

Here is my TechNet Profile page

This is my C# Corner Article Page you can find nearly 50 Articles of mine from this link

This is my CodeProject Article Page link

Check my personal blog:

Yes this is my first Community recognition which I received during 2014 from Code project as T-Shirt as a First Price for one of my article as Best Article of Month winner Award. Later on I have received many awards and Prizes from CodeProject, C# Corner and from TechNet Wiki (for Monthly contribution).

3. What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

I am really happy and proud to be a part of wonderful community of TechNet Wiki. TechNet Wiki is a great platform for all those who like to teach others and who really want to learn from others. This is the great place where we can share our Experience, Our Knowledge, Our Ideas, innovations to others .Basically TechNet is a Place which has everything you want to Learn, Share and Teach about Microsoft Technology.

4. What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

First I would like to thank the TechNet Wiki team for creating this great platform. The reason for thanking them is:

  1. I feel TechNet Wiki is making a live platform where we can share our Knowledge and readers can enjoy the benefit of asking their questions by posting comment on articles.

  2. TechNet Wiki Encouraging Authors by allowing authors themselves to nominate their article for TechNet Guru Monthly Contributions and selecting best 3 articles category wise.

  3. TechNet Wiki is a trusted community platform where students, fresher’s and experienced persons can gain and share knowledge.

  4. TechNet Wiki has lots of very good Authors who are doing their best for contributing for the community. I have seen many good articles which helps me lot .There are few Authors whose articles impress me a lot they are Chervine, Emiliano Musso , Richard Mueller , Carmelo La Monica and many others.

    I am still a learner, there is lots of things need to be learn on Microsoft Technology. I always read new and old articles from TechNet Wiki which makes me fresh and give me more ideas to write better articles for community.

I started contributing to the Visual Studio Gallery last year. Here is the link.

5.  What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

I always like all the article which I have contributed. Every time when I write my article, I feel as this is my first article so I give equal importance for all the articles which I have contributed so far. Also there is few article which feels me happier while contributing for others and I personally feels these articles will be helpful for others. Here I will list few of those articles.

  1. - Easy Form Design at Run Time C# WinForms (This is my most Favorite Article. I enjoyed a lot during developing and writing this article)

  2. Windows 10 Universal App Development for Name Puzzle Game – This article explains about how to create a simple Puzzle game for Universal App.(This article was selected in September 2015 Month Contribution)

  3. DataGridView Gantt style chart using C# Winform – This article explains about how to create a Gantt Style Chart for DataGridView.(This article was selected in September 2015 Month Contribution)

  4. MVC Web API And AngularJS: Are You Genius Game - This is one of my favorite article which was created using MVC and AngularJS.

  5. - This is one of my favorite article which was created using MVC and AngularJS.

  6. - This Article for Asp.NET and HTML 5 which explains how to create our own Chart Controls using HTML 5.

  7. - MVC AngularJS Master/Detail CRUD, Filter And Sorting Using WEB API 2 With Stored Procedure

6. Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

For new Authors I would like to say, keep on contributing without expecting anything. Sharing our knowledge with others is a great art. Share your thoughts with easy steps so that fresher’s and others can get more benefit. Don’t worry about any negative comments, take all the negative as positive and focus on how to make things better. Your each contribution is more valuable, which will stands for years and years and day by day more and more people will get benefit from that.

I personally feel Source Code is very important for learners. I would like to kindly request all the authors to add source code and explain your work step by step from A to Z .Starting from how to create the project till how to run the project. It will be more helpful for everyone especially for fresher’s, If we give step by step explanation along with the source code. Thank u all.

You can reach me at my FB page


This is an impressive body of work! And the Gallery items and associated downloads that Syed has had are also very impressive! The depth of Syed's answers in this interview is a testimony of his work ethic in everything he does!

Everyone, please join me in thanking Syed for this astounding community contributions!

Jump on in! The Wiki is warm.

- Ninja Ed

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