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Hi Team,

I was wondering if there was a good resource for deploying my healthcare bot and connecting it to a channel.  I have deployed many regular bots and was wondering where/if a channel registration is needed, or how I find the endpoint of my healthcare bot to then chat with it from somewhere outside the portal.




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Hi David,

In addition to the webchat channel, other Azure Bot Framework channels can be enabled for your instance on request. We are working to make those accessible from within the portal.
Submit a request via customer support services from your management portal by navigating to Question menu > Support link.

See note here:
Documentation for Azure Bost service channels:

I was looking for some of the same functions, wanting to enabe Healthbot as a Bot within Teams. I tried the provided link and even chatted with a operator without getting any further. Please advice further (i got the bot working in webchat with the github project provided).

@Glennols  Thank you for writing, for some reason I don't see any open ticket on this matter.
I would like to follow up directly. Please send an email to Health Bot Support and specify the url of your management portal. I will make sure to enable this for you.

Email sendt, thanks for swift reply


Hi Dave,
No need to register channels, we are doing it for you. We provision WebChat and DirectLine channels. If you need additional channels, you can request it by going to Azure Support


Look at this link on how to embed the bot in your application

This page also includes a github example code