How do you find the doctor type in the Healthcare Bot

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So I am very new to the Azure platform and I got into the Healthcare bot feature because I read that I could find the type of doctor according to the documentation.hcb.PNG

Though I have no clue on how to approach this as nothing is mentioned in the documentation on this particular topic.






I was wondering if anyone could help me with that. I am in a bit of a hurry here


I was thinking I'd find something on the 

popular templates but I don't see anything

that'd help me. Shrawan_Sai_0-1599421240275.png


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This doctors specialities information is built-in to the bot. For example, just type

"What type of doctor treats meningitis" and the bot will respond. There is also some basic configuration for this feature if you navigate to Configuration > Medical > Information > Specialties.

Please note this feature will be deprecated in November 2020

@Adam Walker 

Thanks for the response.

I have actually tried to use the inbuilt functionality which you have mentioned.

On asking the question "What type of doctor treats meningitis", the bot does respond but it not in the way I was looking for. It seems to ignore my request for the specialty and just gives me a description of the disease instead. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.



Here's a screenshot for your reference. Thanks





Unfortunately, the speciality content is not available to new customers. Only existing customers have access until November. The bot is showing general information about Meningitis because it doesn't have more specific information. You could consider integrating with an external data source using a data connection.