Healthcare Bot Service Tier Maximum


What happens when my message count reaches the maximum level for my service tier?  Does the bot just stop working?  

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End users will see a service message that they are not able to interact with your bot. An email notification will be sent to you when your bot reaches 80% and 100% consumption, advising you to upgrade to a higher tier. 

@Adam Walker that was helpful!  One follow-up. If the customer raises the tier to address high usage, do they have the option to lower the tier when the seasonality goes back to normal?  Example given was that students coming back to school in August would raise message count and then settle down by October.  I've run into issues with another service on Cognitive Services that couldn't have the service tier lowered without deleting the the instance and starting with a new instance at the lower tier.  Wasn't sure if the Healthbot was like that.  Please confirm.  Thx





You can also downgrade the plan at any time through the admin portal. 


Regards, Adam