Healthbot Install for Teams Doesn't work

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      We customized one of the Microsoft healthcare bots in Azure. When tested through
Channel -> Teams it’s working fine. Now we are trying to create an install for Teams so
That all users have access to the bot.

                                                       There wasn’t much documentation or samples for it.
The package that we created has a  manifest.xml file and two icons. The bot ID is correct.
validDomains is set to What other fields needs to be set ?
When we install the package, it doesn’t show any errors. The icons shows up.
But it doesn’t work. What could be the problem..?


What are the essential elements to be set ?
What default values to be set ?
Any samples that we can have a look at ?


Thanks in advance.


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Please see this new repo

It should explain how to install and deploy Healthcare Bot as a Teams Application. Please follow the deployment steps. 


If it's does not work, attach screenshots of the Teams client and what was you trying to do. Also please share your Bot Id I can look at too.

@arie_schwartzman ,


  Thanks for the reply.

We did try the sample that you mentioned.

One quick question.

webApplicationInfo mention about id and resource.

Is this id the same as BotID or it's different ?

We are not able to find a separate AAD AppID for the bot.





If you go to Integration/Channels/Teams Channel. Enable/View this channel and you are presented with the Bot Id

@arie_schwartzman ,


  Here is the ID : fd160c0d-18cc-4868-946c-fe940cb4a28b




Thanks Ajit,

From what I see, based on the Bot Id you have sent, you have not enabled the "Teams" channel in the Integration/Channels setting. Is that true? Please enable it and place the "Bot Id" in the manifest file. Re-install the bot under your Team/Channel and try to interact with it






    We did the same early.

The person who deploys it, can use the bot( through char or the app ).

What changes needed in manifest.json so that other users in teams also can use the bot ?