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Hi Guys I want to get conversation logs, Is there any functionality in health bot by which I can get current conversation logs so I can send that to user. 


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End users can ask the bot to view their conversation logs by trigging a built-in scenario. See more in this article: 

Viewing and exporting personal data - Health Bot | Microsoft Docs


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Hi @Adam Walker , thanks for quick response, but I am looking for the current conversation logs, is that possible to get current conversation logs, So I can send the transcript to their mail or wherever they want

Hi, You will need to construct that conversation log in the logic of the bot. So store each question in response you will need to add a step that stores that text. Then use a data connection (API) to an email service to send it forward to the end user.
Regards, Adam
Well, that looks like a fix, not the standard way of doing this scenario
Hi Adam, What would be the best approach if a user wants to download the chat history ? I guess download option very common nowadays.