Fall out on similar features in multiple intents

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I have a scenario where I have two intents with similar features in Azure health bot. 


1. Constipation - I have stomach ache

2. Migraine - I have severe head ache


Now user on chat types, "Ache".

Question 1: What will happen in such case?

Question 2: Can Azure health bot suggest automatically to user saying that it has identified two symptoms related to ache (stomach ache, head ache) choose one?



Kumar Donakanti


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The triage uses probabilistic modelling to determine the conditions. It's not clinically correct to assume there is 1-to-1 mapping between the first reported symptoms and the condition.


The triage will consider both the reported symptoms before starting the triage assessment (it can be even more than two). In your example, the system will look in the database for all the conditions that have stomach ache and headache as symptoms and then try to narrow it down based on additional questions.


I suggest that you try typing a complaints that reflects your scenario in the Health Bot to understand how it behaves. 


Regards, Adam