Changing the user input of a prompt after moving onto the next element of the flow

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I am using the Scenario Editor to create multiple custom scenarios. So during the conversation flow if the user realises he has given a wrong input, is there a way we can facilitate that feature so that the user can go back and start the conversation again from the point where he made a mistake?
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There may be multiple strategies to accomplishing this, but one method would be to display the responses to the user and ask them to confirm that the information is accurate. If the information is not accurate, you can take them back to the logical restart point. Additionally, you can do something similar with evaluating the data entered in cards and if incorrect, you can preserve the correct information and represent it back to the user to complete the required data. Coming soon in v1.3 of adaptive cards is the ability to make certain fields required which may be helpful once this is supported by the Azure Health Bot. Hope this helps.